We protect the integrity of Industrial Automation and Control Systems software

Asset Guardian is a unique solution developed by control and automation engineers to manage the software and hardware configurations of safety and critical control systems in compliance with the highest industry standards and best practices.

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Trusted globally by

6 of the largest Oil & Gas companies

3 of the largest Chemical producers

2 of the largest Utility providers

Comprehensive security

Software assets are stored securely an independent repository where risks of unauthorised entry are dramatically reduced.

Compliance Management

Minimise the risks and costs associated with non-compliance. 

Configuration Change Management

Eradicate the need for paper-based systems.

Disaster Recovery and Risk

Ensure file security and data integrity.

Cyber Security Management

Implement an effective CSMS ensuring compliance to IEC 62443.

Obsolescence Management

Simplify obsolescence management in compliance to IEC 62402.

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Our global partners

We are the partner of choice for leading Blue Chip companies around the world when it comes to safeguarding process control software assets, speeding disaster recovery and optimising change management. We have successfully served customers across Europe, the United States, Africa and Australia.

ECL - Engineering Control
Realworld Systems

Trusted by industry leaders

Asset Guardian was developed by control systems engineers to fit exactly the needs in the control and automation industry. It is not an IT product trying to fit into the industrial world, but a product designed, developed and supported by control systems engineers.

Iain Rennie, Operations Director at Asset Guardian Solutions Limited

Protecting global industries

Across all industries, and throughout the world, software is fundamental to service delivery, production, manufacturing and having a competitive advantage.

Oil & Gas

Software drives and controls everything associated with the complex process productions systems installed on both new and ageing assets. 

Power Generation and Utilities

Whether the fuel used is Natural Gas, residual Municipal solid Waste (MSW) or Biomass, robust security is crucial for power generation. 

Food and Beverage

With the multitude of regulations, standards and guidelines that govern this industry, the demands on business resources have never been so high.


Just like any industry, it is reliant on raw materials, manufacturers, R&D, marketing and consumers, yet far more regulated and capital-intensive than any other.

Our memberships

Asset Guardian is a member of the Supply Chain Charter for Nuclear Decommissioning Sites, the British Standards Institution (BSI), the Energy Industries Council (EIC), the International Institute of Obsolescence Management (IIOM), NOF Energy and Achilles.

Supply Chain Charter for Nuclear Decomissioning Sites Signatory
Energy Industries Council (EIC)
International Institute of Obsolescence Management (IIOM)
BSI Accreditation ISO/IEC 27001

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