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About Us

The Company

Asset Guardian Solutions Limited (AGSL) is dedicated to protecting the integrity of process control systems software that is used to control operations and production processes. To achieve this, it offers the Asset Guardian software solution, a convenient, cost-effective way to reduce risk of unauthorised entry and software corruption that could lead to system failure, loss of confidential data and valuable assets.

AGSL traces its roots to 2000 when systems integrator Elite Control Systems began developing the Asset Guardian solution.

In 2004, AGSL was established as the sole supplier of the Asset Guardian software solution, a reliable method of protecting and securing process software used to control critical processes.

Since then, AGSL has been serving the needs of Blue Chip organisations around the world that operate within the Oil & Gas, Utilities, Power Generation, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Transportation and Food & Beverage industries.

The Asset Guardian Solution

We appreciate that every organisation’s needs vary, so the Asset Guardian solution is designed to help our customers achieve:

  • Compliance with industry standards, guidelines and regulations.
  • Rapid disaster recovery by providing a secure storage repository for all process- related software.
  • Configuration Change Management by improving workflow management, ensuring adherence to change request approval processes, complete with tamper-proof auditability.

Process control software plays a critical role in all modern process production systems, but this isn’t always recognised until failure occurs. Implementing a structured, auditable, holistic approach to managing this vital ‘Hidden Asset’ will minimise the effects of any software related system failure.

Secure software assets = optimal control

With your software assets stored securely in an independent central repository, risk of cyber-attack is dramatically reduced. If software is corrupted, it is easy to recover, without missing a beat.

The primary functions – compliance, disaster recovery and configuration change management – work hand-in-hand to ensure that all of your assets are safely protected out of harm’s way, ready to access in case of emergency.

The secure repository uses digital encryption to authenticate and encrypt communications and files to reduce risk of attack and serve as a means of rapid disaster recovery.

Every action is version-controlled, so the correct version of software is always used across all locations.

Structured approach speeds timely reporting

Experience tells us that using a structured approach to enter data in a consistent format makes tracing results much easier. Data can be filtered, searched and reported on quickly, so status reports on all assets and users are timely.

All user actions are logged, creating a competency register that can be used to assess training needs and ensure that they are properly allocated.

Change management: cradle-to-grave approach eases transition

Our approach to change management is cradle-to-grave. By managing sites remotely, procedures and regulations are the same, regardless of location. This means that as a Project evolves through its life cycle to an Operation, handover is seamless and cost-free.

The review process systematically checks to ensure design integrity and compliance with quality and functional safety standards. Because a revision history is created, compliance with ISO 9000 standards is assured.