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The Challenge and the Solution

Compliance management, Configuration Change Management, Disaster Recovery Solutions

Facing the challenge

The dramatic rise in adopting new software-based solutions to optimise production by the process industry (namely Oil & Gas, Utilities, Power Generation, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Transportation and Food & Beverage) has delivered considerable benefits. However, the speed of implementation has meant that the management systems required to ensure the security and integrity of the software incorporated with these new control systems has not kept pace with this change.

Further, the risks associated with poor software management have greatly increased due to the number of Cyberattacks targeted at process control software.

Operationally there are compelling reasons for improving the management of process control software:

Functional Safety – process software management plays a key role in ensuring the safety of the company’s personnel and its physical assets

Maintaining Compliance with the increasing volume of regulations, standards, guidelines and best practices

Managing Obsolescence – the operational life of many process plants in operation today is being extended, giving rise to a new challenge to management

Change Management – all associated regulations and standards call for effective control of changes

Retaining Employee Knowledge and Experience –  “Upload Experience, Download Knowledge”: the aging population of experienced, skilled labour resources is a global problem. According to the Ernst and Young Oil and Gas Report 2009, 50% of skilled labour will retire in 10 years. Technology is being used by many organisations around the world to train new generations and alleviate the loss of skills, experience and knowledge.

Disaster Recovery Operational and Security Pressures – demand improvements in processes and procedures to minimise the negative impact on production caused by malfunctioning software

The Solution

Asset Guardian is a multifaceted software based solution for managing and protecting process critical software. It is used extensively across a wide range of industry sectors.

To help our customers meet the challenges posed by today’s process control sector, AGSL offers a wide range of services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Auditing customers’ current procedures and processes, providing a comprehensive report and “Gap Analysis”
  • “Discovery workshop” hosted to understand customers needs followed by the development of User Specifications
  • Supply, installation, system set up and configuration
  • Migration of files and data from existing systems to Asset Guardian
  • Server hosting (SaaS – “Software as a Service”)
  • ‘Class to Cloud’ Training – Class based and Online Computer based (CBT)
  • Asset Guardian support and maintenance
  • Site audits and process software backup verification and validation, Globally – Onshore and Offshore

AGSL provides a “Cradle to Grave” service to its global client base.