Compliance Management

The AG Solution allows companies within Industries to comply with standards and regulations in the following challenging areas

Does your company comply?

Regardless of sector, the regulations, standards and guidelines that govern the process industry call for the effective management of control system software. In general terms this means providing secure backups of code and documents, configuration management (including change control and fault logging), user password management, security of information and audit trails.

With no effective system in place to manage these responsibilities, there is a significant risk of operators failing to comply with these requirements.

AGSL, experts in process control software compliance

With its background in the control system’s integration business and experience across a broad range of industry sectors, AGSL has in-depth knowledge of the codes and regulations governing this sector.

With support from AGSL and implementation of its Asset Guardian software management tool, our customers minimise the risks and costs associated with non compliance.


  • IEC 61508/61511 Functional Safety Standards – Safety Integrity
  • SI 2002 No318 and FDA 21 CFR11 – Electronic Signature Regulation
  • ISO 9001 Quality Assurance
  • ISO 27001 Information Security – Digital Security
  • International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) – QA for Process Control Software
  • DNV-OS-D203 Integrated Software Dependent Systems (ISDS) DECEMBER 2012

United Kingdom only

  • BS 25999 Business Continuity – Disaster Recovery
  • Cabinet office – Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI)
  • HSE-KP 4
  • SPC/Tech/OSD/13 Process Safety Management Systems
  • HSE RR509 Plant Ageing

Asset Guardian software and AGSL’s associated support services have been developed over many years to provide a holistic approach to assist companies meet their compliance obligations. In general terms, this means:

Effective process software management, including:-

  • Software control – securely storing and controlling any software (whether proprietary or application-based). This helps to avoid software piracy and obsolescence
  • Hardware and bypass – tracking your hardware configuration and any temporary bypasses or forces applied
  • Audit trail – fully transparent, this automatically monitors who did what to anything and when
  • Users and security – providing a multiple user environment with full security at asset and individual user basis, with the ability to create user groups to manage numbers of users
  • Documentation and correspondence – tracking documentation status and automatically issuing updates through automated report generation, whilst storing all correspondence relating to assets
  • Change and fault logging – monitoring and controlling the status of any record modifications or faults raised

Support services

  • Auditing and development of Quality System-documented processes and procedures
  • Onsite (including offshore) – software validation/verification and backup of installed process software
  • System surveys, data gathering and Asset Register compilation
  • Providing effective training