Managing Obsolescence

Obsolescence Concept

Managing obsolescence with Asset Guardian in compliance to IEC 62402

Managing obsolescence can seem a daunting and expensive process and so with today’s increasing population of ageing assets and commercial pressures to extend their operational life, there is greater emphasis on collecting, managing and analysing data. Data determines whether an item needs replacing or retained and used to extend the life of another part of the process.

IEC 62402 is the international standard for obsolescence management and its principals can apply to any type of Industrial Automation and Control System (IACS).

By following the AG 5-step approach, obsolescence is cost-effective and efficient.

Asset Guardian 5 Step Approach to Obsolescence Management

It allows you to deal with the highest priority items first therefore not wasting time and resources on low impact, low risk components. It also allows you to target budgets for possible upgrades where they are going to be most effective in reducing obsolescence issues, and extend the life of other equipment with a full understanding of the risks involved.

The Asset Guardian Obsolescence Plan

The Asset Guardian Obsolescence module has been developed to meet the requirements of IEC 62402 and it sets out to provide a structured approach to help companies establish and maintain an effective system to manage equipment obsolescence.

The AG Obsolescence Manager is now available in two modularised formats. It allows new and existing Asset Guardian software solutions users to integrate this capability into their AG Software Solution. The other option provides companies with a stand-alone AG Obsolescence Management solution so customers can benefit from work flow management and data integrity.

The AG Obsolescence Manager

The Benefits

The addition of the enhanced AG Obsolescence Management module enables you to:

  • Store data for hardware and software in a central location so it is easy to quickly search and sort information.
  • Analyse data to determine when an item must be replaced with AG’s inventory management software capability.
  • Monitor the expiration dates of equipment and software manufacturer service contracts.
  • Provide a seamless interface with third-party data modelling software tools.
  • Predict failure rates, and produce customised reports and graphs.
  • Ensure the correct version of software is in use so you can enhance functional safety, security and production.
  • Seamless Interface with other company management systems, such as Enterprise Management Software Systems (SAP/Maximo for example). This maximises a company’s ROI therefore making it easy to share data and knowledge across the organisation.
  • Plan strategies through Risk Assessment and Prioritising.
  • Maximise your ROI in Asset Guardian by utilising common data across all functions of Asset Guardian software.
  • Link AG Management of Change (MoC) to AG Obsolescence Manager enabling the effective control of any changes made.
  • Receive automatic reminders of reviews and corrective actions due.
The AG Obsolescence Manager
The AG Obsolescence Manager

AGSL offer professional customer support services to carry out the compilation and verification of the data held in Asset Registers.  AGSL also provide advice regarding the requirements of industry standards, regulations and guidelines relating to the management of ageing process control systems.

We are a member of the International Institute of Obsolescence Management (IIOM). The IIOM is a professional body for those involved in Obsolescence Management. Its members formed the core of the team that developed the national and obsolescence standards – DEF-STAN 00-71, BS7000 Pt 5 & IEC62402.

We will work with you to assess impacts and obsolescence risks and advise on strategies for dealing with obsolescence issues.


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