Food and Beverage


Today’s process Industry has an increasing reliance, to varying degrees, on the software that controls their processes, yet a around 90% do not have secure systems to protect all their process critical software.

With a the multitude of regulations, standards, guidelines, industry codes and best practices, all of this which needs to be addressed and adhered to if companies wish to meet their legal and operational responsibilities. The demands on businesses resources has never been so high.

Add to this the particular challenges and contractual obligations which certain processes, such as short shelf life and customer branded products impose, the drive for greater levels of automation and the corresponding increase in our dependency on software based systems is inevitable within the Food and Beverage Industry.

Providing industries with the AG Solution to meet these challenges is what has driven the development of Asset Guardian over the past 15 plus years.

Managing New and Ageing Processing Plant Assets

The AG Solution allows companies within the Food and Beverage Industry to comply with standards and regulations in the following challenging areas:

  • Safety
  • Compliance
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Storage
  • Cyber-Security
  • Obsolescence
  • Paper-based Systems or electronic adaptations
  • Corporately managed system
  • Third Party Service Contract Providers
  • Maximise the use of a Company’s limited skilled resources

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