Power and Gas Distribution

Electrical Pylon
Electricity pylons against at sunset.

Managing new and ageing power and gas distribution networks

By their very nature, power and gas distribution networks demand robust security. Their safe operation poses unique challenges, including the ability to predict – and prepare for – potential failures.

Some of the challenges facing the industry today include:-

  • Industry regulator and commercial pressures demand improved efficiencies and reduction in costs
  • The high degree of regulation within the industry makes changing out systems or components more challenging than many other industries
  • The increased security risk from malicious (Cyberattack) or accidental corruption of software
  • Management of remote installation.
  • Extending the period between network shutdowns for routine maintenance
  • Changes in regulations, standards and best practices, as well as the need to upgrade systems to meet these requirements
  • Asset life extension and the requirement to demonstrate to authorities that systems and sub-systems are being effectively managed.

Working with a trusted partner that understands how your industry works is always important. But when it comes to protecting the integrity of process control systems software that is used to operate power and gas distribution network, it is crucial.

Why Power and Gas distribution network operators rely on AGSL

  • Extensive knowledge and experience of the Energy Industry . Working with BP Pipelines North America and the UK’s National Grid means that we offer expertise gleaned from hands-on experience.
  • Ensures compliance with regulations, such as EIC 61508 and 61511, ISO 9001 CPNI
  • Manages and secures process software used to control processes that affect projects and operations
  • Intuitive and easy to learn
  • Scalable to meet a wide range of applications including the requirements of other non-process control-related disciplines, including Electrical, Mechanical and others
  • Field-proven = low risk
  • Full FRACAS/DRACAS capability


With its years of experience, AGSL has extensive knowledge of process control systems and provides its global “blue chip” client base complete customer support, including:

  • Supply and installation of Asset Guardian software
  • System configuration support
  • Software customisation to meet individual requirements
  • Assisting with data migration from existing electronic systems to Asset Guardian
  • Software “hosting” and system management
  • Training in the classroom and/or online via computer-based training (CBT)
  • Auditing of corporate procedure and processes (GAP analysis)
  • Onsite services – software validation/verification and backup of installed process software
  • Compilation of Asset Register
  • Ongoing maintenance and support of Asset Guardian