A strength of Asset Guardian is that it can be customised to suit a customer’s specific requirements.

As part of the Asset Guardian system set-up and implementation process, AGSL offers to its customers a software customisation service.

In addition, Asset Guardian includes a tool that an administrator can use to design record forms for each of the sections within the software. The administrator can edit the layout of the form, edit the field labels and terminology, add/modify/remove fields on the form, and even edit the section’s tab name and order of the tabs.

Customisations are all held in the database tables without any changes to the core application. Therefore all standard updates and new versions released for Asset Guardian can still be applied to a customised version.

AGSL’s customers operate in many industries, such oil and gas, nuclear power generation, pharmaceutical, and others. etc. AGSL has customised Asset Guardian to meet a variety of specific applications these companies’ requirements.

For example:

  • Multidiscipline Management of Change
  • Obsolescence Management and Reporting
  • FRACAS – Failure Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action System
  • V Modelling for design, implementation, validation and verification (especially of functional safety-related systems)
  • Subsea infrastructure asset management
  • Instrument loop tuning data management
  • Interface with third party systems, such as SAP
  • Customised reporting formats and utilisation of third party reporting tools.