Asset Guardian Software Licensing

AG “client” licensing

AG Clients are licensed by concurrent users, regardless of whether the user connects with the Smart Client or the Web Client.

Concurrent licensing is a key feature of Asset Guardian. This feature provides an unlimited number of people with the ability to access Asset Guardian from their computers, with the number of users able to access Asset Guardian simultaneously limited by the number of licenses purchased.

The use of concurrent licensing maximises customer access whilst minimising investment costs.

AG Client Licences are sold in groups of 5, 10, 20 and 50 concurrent users.

AG server (non-synchronised) licensing

Each Asset Guardian server requires one standard AG server licence, in addition to the required number of AG client licences .

AG Sync server licensing

A synchronised Asset Guardian Server requires one AG Sync server licence for every server that is installed. For example, one licence at the Leader server and one at each Follower server.

Note: you only require one type of server – AG Server or AG Sync Server – for your solution.

Asset Guardian software support

AGSL offers a comprehensive support subscription service for your Asset Guardian software.

It provides access to an online help desk, direct email and telephone support, along with all version upgrades, including new features and maintenance releases.

Support subscription future-proofs your investment and ensures that Asset Guardian remains compatible with future operating systems and database server updates, as well as providing a constant stream of new and enhanced features.

A support subscription runs for 12 months, and is renewed annually. If you prefer more than one year, simply sign up for a longer term. The maximum length of a single support subscription is five years.