AGSL “Classroom to Cloud” Training

Our experience over the past few years has shown that, whilst Asset Guardian is very intuitive and easy to learn, like all technically based subjects quality training is imperative. The emphasis here is on “quality.” Training by a user’s colleague, who has possibly learned from another colleague, doesn’t provide the level of training required. In contrast, the right kind of training provided by us will not only maximise the return on a company’s investment, but ensures that users have the confidence to use the “tool”, effectively and efficiently.

Training options

AGSL offer several standard forms of training as well as custom-designed training courses.

The standard courses available include “Classroom-based’ held at AGSL facilities or the customer’s location, and “Cloud-based” Online Computer-based Training (CBT).

Both options offer User and Administrator training, which can be customised to suit individual company requirements.

Delegates attending “Classroom-based” training receive a full instruction manual.

Classroom-based training

The standard User Course takes two days, and the Administrator Course requires one additional day.

Delegates attending the Administrator Course would normally have completed the User Course.

All courses require a minimum of two delegates.

Asset Guardian online training

The Asset Guardian Online Training courses are based on the same syllabus as the classroom-based courses.

The combined User and Administrator courses comprise 18 modules. These are delivered via the internet and have the same “look and feel” as the Asset Guardian narrated online demo presentation. Click this link and view Section 2 to see an Introduction to Asset Guardian software.

The AGSL LMS (Learning Management System) provides customers with an excellent tool to assist the company in managing and monitoring the progress and time that individual members of staff spend on Asset Guardian training. Clients can purchase a one-year licence to access the CBT training in packs based on the number of Users and Users & Administrators.

Key benefits of online training include:

  • Flexibility – users decide where and when training is undertaken
  • No travel and accommodation costs
  • Pace of learning adapts to suit the individual
  • Easy-to-access refresher training during the period of the licence validity. The CBT licence lasts for 12 months, after which access is denied unless the customer has renewed its subscription