2016 – New Version of Asset Guardian Software

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Compliance management, Configuration Change Management, Disaster Recovery Solutions

2016 will see the release of Asset Guardian Version 5.0 software. With over 70 new features, many of which have been requested by AGSL customers, making this the biggest single advance of Asset Guardian in 7 years.

As a flavour of what’s to come, Version 5.0 will include:-

Home Page ‘Dashboard’: a new home page that summarises Software you have signed out, Change Requests and Fault Logs raised or assigned to you, Documents you have signed out, Forces you have approved that are active, etc.

Mobile Client feature where a client can be installed on a mobile device (smart phone or tablet) and works offline when not connected to server, and then when connected synchronises all changes to server.

Advanced Usage Report showing a graph of the number of concurrent users and frequency of User Logins over a time period, and number of failed logins.

Internal Databases: Allowing the option of having separate Synchronisation Schemes and separate Form Customisations across separate internal databases.

Update Server Sync functionality to add throttling to network communications and to allow a secondary (hot standby) leader server to be configured, which can take over if primary leader server fails.

Quality Measures Advanced Reports new Advanced Reports for quality measurements such as time to correct faults or make changes.

Enhanced Form Customisations: Integrate Checklist functionality as standard option for any field on any form, allow configurable tab sequences, allow customisation of subforms and customisation of workflow stages and notifications

Test License: Have a Test License and Test Mode for a server that can restrict some production functionality and redirect Email notifications to test Email accounts (or block them).

Bulk Import/Export: Functions to bulk export to and import from a specially formatted Excel workbook, including export of all data in main forms and all subform data, allowing bulk imports of data and bulk updates of data.

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