This website was created by AGSL in October 2008 and updated in 2015. It was designed for ease of use and navigability, whether they access the Internet by smartphone, tablet or computer. 

CSS was developed using standards compliant HTML and CSS. No frames have been used in the design of this website. Tables have been used to display tabular data, but not for layout purposes. Our style sheets should accommodate any browser. However, the website is optimised for browsers that adhere to W3C web standards.

Text sizes

All text has a relative font size. This means that the text may be resized at any time.

Navigation aids

Link text is written to make sense, even if it is read out of context. Links open in the same window, with the exception of links to PDF and MS Word documents, and links to external sites that open in new windows.

Access keys

We don’t use access keys. To explain this, we recommend that you read Nomensa’s article.

Contact us

If you experience any kind of problem when using this website or you have any other feedback, we would be happy to hear from you. Please contact us by calling +44(0)1506 597913 or email