Asset Guardian and Radiflow form Partnership to expand Industrial Asset Monitoring and Risk Assessment Capabilities

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Asset Guardian and Radiflow form Partnership

Livingston, 24th October 2019- Asset Guardian Solutions Limited (AGSL), is pleased to announce a new partnership with Radiflow, which will see the introduction of a new integrated joint solution that will expand Industrial Asset Monitoring, Change Management, and Risk Assessment capabilities for companies operating within the Industrial Automation sector.  

Integrated Solution will provide greater insight, clarity and security to global customer base

With Radiflow’s iSID industrial threat detection system providing real-time visibility of networked industrial assets, ports and protocols on operational technology (OT) networks, and Asset Guardian’s Change Management solution, the new integrated solution will incorporate the asset information stored within Asset Guardian’s database with Radiflow’s iSID asset inventory.

With the newly customised threat detection system, a granular risk score assessment is calculated by iSID for each asset such as logic version and geo-location. Any changes to assets are detected on the network in real-time by iSID and automatically sent to Asset Guardian for verification, validation and authorisation.

Our integration with Asset Guardian will provide a higher level of Operational Technology asset monitoring and risk assessment that will enrich our industrial enterprise customers with greater operational management value.” Rani Kehat, Vice President of Business Development at Radiflow.

The integrated joint solution provided by Asset Guardian and Radiflow will provide greater insight, clarity and security to our customers throughout the world, helping them protect the integrity of their Operational Technology ICS assets against cyber security threatssaid Iain Rennie, Operations Director at Asset Guardian Solutions Limited.

Demonstration of Integrated Solution now available

Both Asset Guardian and Radiflow will be demonstrating the joint solution at the Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security Conference which is taking place this week in Atlanta, United States.

About Radiflow

Radiflow is a leading provider of cyber security solutions for critical industrial automation ICS and SCADA networks and provides a unique portfolio of solutions across a range of Industries such as Power, Utilities, Wastewater and Chemicals. With Radiflow’s threat detection tool, which passively monitors OT networks for anomalies, customers can achieve multi-layered cyber protection. Radiflow operates globally, providing solutions across over 3000 sites by major utilities and industrial enterprises. For more information, please visit or follow Radiflow on LinkedIn.

About Asset Guardian Solutions Limited

Asset Guardian is dedicated to protecting the integrity of Industrial Automation and Control Systems software by providing a convenient and cost-effective way to reduce risk of unauthorised entry and software corruption, that could eventually lead to system failure, loss of confidential data and valuable assets. Asset Guardian is the partner choice for many global leaders across a range of Industries including Oil and Gas, Chemical Processing, Utilities, Power, Pharmaceuticals, and Food and Beverage. For more information on Asset Guardian, please visit or follow AGSL on LinkedIn.




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