Asset Guardian Secures Leading Pharmaceutical Customer

Published by Asset Guardian Solutions Ltd on
Asset Guardian Solutions operate in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Asset Guardian Solutions Ltd, the Livingston-based firm specialising in software asset protection for the process and manufacturing industry, has signed up its first major pharmaceutical customer – Macfarlan Smith – to its proprietary software management platform.

The Asset Guardian tool set provides major international process and manufacturing organisations with a software management solution enabling them to minimise the risks associated with process-critical safety software and related functions.

This innovative solution also ensures that companies are in compliance with complex ISO & IEC Standards, Government Directives, and Industry Best Practices for the “Configuration and Change Management” of process critical systems.

Given that up to 90% of UK companies have no secure back-up of process-critical application software, one of Asset Guardian’s most common uses is as a disaster recovery tool. By managing software and business critical information through a central platform, customers can help to minimise any system downtime incurred by software failure.

For Macfarlan Smith, Asset Guardian will enable the pharmaceutical firm to control any changes and securely store all of their process-critical software, through a solution that complies with stringent industry regulations and standards.

Written by Asset Guardian Solutions Ltd.