Asset Guardian Solutions Limited and PAStech Limited form Partnership to help Industrial Automation Organisations in Australia achieve Compliance

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Asset Guardian Solutions Limited and PAStech Partnership

Joint Solution will help AEMO organisations in Australia meet Cyber Security Compliance

Asset Guardian Solutions Ltd (AGSL), is pleased to announce a new partnership with Australian based Systems Integrator PAStech,  in a new bid to help organisations in Australia meet their requirements and regulations in the Industrial Automation sector, in particular with Cyber Security Compliance.

PAStech offer a range of Engineering Services across many Industries including Oil and Gas, Mining and Mineral, Processing and Energy, providing a range of products including Programming, Network and Security, Telecommunications and Project Design and Management.

Asset Guardian is an integrated solution which encompasses many features such as Software Repository and Version control, Asset Management, Change Management, Configuration Change, Disaster Recovery with advanced functionality of Obsolescence Management and Cyber Security Management.

Helping Organisations achieve Cyber Compliance

The new partnership comes at a time when Cyber Security Management remains a top priority across many Industrial Automated Industries, but specifically to the Australian Energy Market.

Both companies’ products and services are combined to produce a single AEMO compliant Operational Technology (OT) solution to meet the needs of many Industries dealing with Cyber Security Management. In conjunction with the use of the Claroty Industrial Control System Suite, organisations will be able to meet the requirements of the Australian Energy Sector Cyber Security Framework (AESCSF).

Australia Energy Market Operator Requirements for Organisations looking to achieve Cyber Security Compliance
AEMO Requirements for Organisations looking to achieve Cyber Security Compliance

“We are excited to be working with PAStech and see it as a strategic partnership that greatly enhances both our offerings.  Since our capabilities and expertise complement each other so well, it means that together we can deliver even greater benefits to our customers across all the challenges of managing their Operation Technology Assets but especially in the area of Cyber Security.” Iain Rennie, Operations Director at Asset Guardian Solutions Limited.

“PAStech are pleased to be able to provide Asset Guardian as part of our managed Security as a Service (SaaS) solution. Asset Guardian and Claroty as an integrated platform create a unique and powerful tool tackling many of the AEMO requirements for Cyber compliance.In addition to security compliance Asset Guardian enables OT network operators to manage a host of other challenges that our current clients continually face with asset management, legacy systems and change control.” Gideon Parker, Director at PAStech Ltd.

Powers and Utilities Australia Conference

On the 14th and 15th August, Steve French and Gideon Parker, Directors at PAStech will be in attendance at the Powers and Utilities Australia Conference along with Phillip Lay from Claroty, to provide a detailed insight into the combined ‘PAStech-Asset Guardian-Claroty’ AEMO compliance solution.

The conference will bring together Industry Leaders to discuss the highest-level strategies and frameworks that are put together to help companies meet the challenges faced in the Australian Energy Sector.

If you would like more information about on the AEMO compliant solution, or any other information on the products and services provided by AGSL or PAStech, please fill in our contact form.

Written by Tina Campbell. Tina is the Marketing Manager for Asset Guardian Solutions Ltd. Tina is responsible for creating and executing the AG marketing strategy, and within that, developing and executing campaigns, creating and implementing content, managing website, traffic and social engagement and much more.