Asset Guardian Solutions Limited Awarded Contract by Leading Supplier of Fresh Milk & Milk Products in Britain

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Industrial and Automation Control Software Management Solution Upgrade to New Version to Enhance Operations and Integrity

LIVINGSTON, Scotland – 6th October 2017 – Asset Guardian Solutions Limited (AGSL), which specialises in protecting industrial and automation control system software assets across a range of industries is pleased to announce it has been awarded a contract by one of Britain’s leading suppliers of fresh milk and milk products.

Upgrade offers enhanced document control and obsolescence management capabilities

“Since 2006, this client has been using the Asset Guardian Software Solution across six of its UK production facilities to protect the integrity of the process control software it uses to produce milk products, making it a longtime user of our unique Asset Guardian Software Solution,” said Sam Mackay, CEO of Asset Guardian Solutions Limited. “By upgrading its current Asset Guardian software package to the latest Version 5.0, they will be able to take advantage of the additional document control and obsolescence management capabilities, which provide greater control and efficiencies.”

In addition, the company will benefit from the enhanced features offered in Version 5.0. These include new reporting and automatic e-mail alerts and notifications, search features, a custom dashboard, and bulk data import and export capabilities.

Ongoing consultancy services, installation support, data migration and eLearning training will also be provided by AGSL.

In addition to upgrading this key mission critical AG Software Solution, AGSL will assist this valued client with plans to extend the use of the AG Software Solution to other similar companies within the group.

A growing portfolio

The decision by this longstanding client and supplier of fresh milk and milk products to upgrade to the latest version validates the AG Software Solution and its ability to protect the integrity of industrial and automation control system software.  AGSL’s portfolio of clients in the food and beverage sector continues to grow and features a major whisky distiller that operates multiple sites across Scotland. AGSL also serves numerous companies in the nuclear power sector, and oil and gas industries.

About Asset Guardian Solutions Limited

Asset Guardian Solutions Limited (AGSL) was born out of the recognition that most companies involved in the process industry had little to protect the integrity and safekeeping of the software assets used to control their production processes.

The AG Software Solution was conceived in 2000, an innovative solution that ensures users comply with ISO & IEC Standards, Government Directives and Industry Best Practices for the “Configuration and Change Management” of Industrial and Automation and Control Software for process critical systems.

In 2010, AGSL was formed to accelerate the development and growth of the AG Software Solution and to maximise the company’s potential within the global marketplace.

The company’s investment in market research and close collaboration with customers has transformed Asset Guardian from a “product” to an “integrated solution” for protecting the integrity of safety and process critical systems, and has helped establish a portfolio of global ‘blue chip’ clients.

Working in close partnership with its clients, Asset Guardian Solutions Ltd appreciates the need for rapid, demonstrable returns on client investments, and encourages them to follow the company ethos “Take Control and Control Change.”

Written by Tina Campbell. Tina is the Marketing Manager for Asset Guardian Solutions Ltd. Tina is responsible for creating and executing the AG marketing strategy, and within that, developing and executing campaigns, creating and implementing content, managing website, traffic and social engagement and much more.