Asset Guardian Solutions Seals Deal with Australia’s Woodside

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Asset Guardian Solutions Ltd (AGSL), which specialises in critical control software asset protection for the process and manufacturing industry, announced that it has secured a significant contract with Woodside. The company is Australia’s leading oil and gas producer, and one of the world’s largest suppliers of liquefied natural gas.

Enhancing security and system management

As a result of this contract award, AGSL is providing Woodside with a Programmable Systems Management (PSM) tool set to provide enhanced management of the critical software assets that it uses across the company to operate the Karratha Gas Plant, Pluto onshore and offshore facilities, as well as six additional facilities.

Currently, Woodside employs a variety of applications to manage these programmable systems. The Asset Guardian solution will replace those applications with a single system for all information. By doing so, the AG solution will enable a speedier recovery of programmable systems in the event of any technical problems, minimising impact on production.

In addition to providing a safer, more secure means of storing software and maintaining a register of information about each programmable system, Asset Guardian will also manage the process for making changes to system code, enabling compliance with industry standards, regulations and guidelines.

This three-year contract from Woodside comes on the heels of recent contract awards to AGSL from BP, Marathon Oil UK and CNR.

“This is a fantastic win for Asset Guardian Solutions Ltd, and we look forward to working with Woodside. It is a great example of the truly global nature of the workplace today. It doesn’t matter whether the client is based in Europe, or on the other side of the world. What matters is that we are able help them better manage their process critical software by taking advantage of the Asset Guardian tool set,” said Sam Mackay, chief executive of AGSL.

“At a time when businesses are employing more and more sophisticated processes that are increasingly reliant on software, Asset Guardian provides a truly unique solution; one that will help Woodside overcome the challenges of managing this software,” he added.

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