Asset Guardian Version 4.4 Coming Soon

Published by Iain Rennie on
Compliance management, Configuration Change Management, Disaster Recovery Solutions

In keeping with AGSL continuous development and improvement of the Asset Guardian software solution, Version 4.4 is scheduled for release in July 2013.

The new key features in V4.4 include:-

File Streaming – A new file streaming function has been created to make uploading and downloading software files and documents even easier.

With this new development, Asset Guardian can handle files any of size, which is particularly useful for working with large image files; for example, 20GB or larger. Asset Guardian can now accommodate an unlimited number of files; even the thousands of files in a SCADA project.

Server Synchronisation – The functionality of the Asset Guardian multi-server synchronisation module ‘AGSync’ has been enhanced by increasing the flexibility that Asset Guardian administrators have over how settings are configured, thereby ensuring the integrity of the data and files held on all synchronised servers in the background.

Form Customisation – Workflow management has also been improved, allowing Asset Guardian administrators to customise statuses and notifications, and add new main ‘Tabs’ with associated sub-forms.

By enhancing Asset Guardian with these and other new features, AGSL has made certain that Asset Guardian functionality keeps pace with the latest developments and practices.

New Interactive AGSL Company Presentation Goes Live

In keeping with its commitment to communicate effectively with customers and provide quality service by capitalising on technology, AGSL has launched its new narrated online demo presentation explaining the history of AGSL, the challenges faced by the process control sector and the functionality built into the latest version of Asset Guardian software. To access this presentation please email request to

Written by Iain Rennie. As AGSL’s Product Development Manager, Iain Rennie is responsible for leading the company’s product development and technology strategy. Before joining AGSL in 2008, Iain was employed for 14 years as a process control and automation specialist for Elite Control Systems Limited, where he worked on projects in Europe, China, the USA and Azerbaijan. He is the company’s Quality Manager, and heads the Asset Guardian software solution development team. Iain holds a Bachelor of Science - Honours degree in Mathematical Physics from the University of Edinburgh, and a Master’s degree in Control Systems Technology from Edinburgh’s Napier University in Edinburgh, where he graduated with distinction. A Chartered Engineer, he is a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).