Introducing Asset Guardian Version 5.0

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Compliance management, Configuration Change Management, Disaster Recovery Solutions

The team at Asset Guardian Solutions Limited (AGSL) are pleased to announce the completion of Asset Guardian Version 5.0, the upgraded software management tool that will bring over 50 new features, many of which have been requested by existing Asset Guardian users.

The developments in Version 5.0 will enable AGSL to expand future functionality of the Asset Guardian Solution with new integrated, modularised applications.

You will observe from the AG Function Wheel below, that one of the new additional modules developed is the new AG Obsolescence Manager. This can be be added to the existing client’s AG Solution, expanding their functionality as well as enhancing new clients’ AG Solution.

The AG Function Wheel below illustrates five core aspects of the AG solution: – Configuration Change Management; Compliance Management;  Disaster Recovery;  Cyber Security Management and Obsolescence Management.

AG Product Wheel

Just some of the new features available in Asset Guardian Version 5.0 include:

New Home page

Asset Guardian Version 5.0 now comes with a new homepage and a fresh layout which can be customised by you. You can now display new advanced reports and results in graphical or tabular format and display the number of concurrent users and the frequency of user logins over a period of time. This will make it easier to process complex data. Giving quicker access to recently worked on assets using a single click.


Asset Guardian Version 5.0 homepage
AG Home Page screenshot


Enhanced Cyber Security Management

Asset Guardian has been designed to form the back bone of a robust, integrated and user-friendly Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) and is compliant with IEC 62443 and other Industry Standards.

Asset Guardian Cyber Security sections are organised into Zones, Conduits and Incident Reports. These sections integrate seamlessly into the other sections of Asset Guardian such as Hardware, Software and Users.

As part of the CSMS, Asset Guardian also provides the facility to:

  • Identify Cyber risk
  • Organise user training
  • Implement business continuity and Disaster Recovery plans
  • Organise and structure personnel, physical and environmental security
  • Document network segmentation
  • Record Access Control (i.e. Administration / Authentication/ Authorisation)
  • Improve Incident response
  • Provide analytics to improve, develop and maintain the overall CSMS.

Applying Asset Guardian as basis of your Cyber Security Management System Strategy will help to minimise cyber security threats, greatly improve incident response and align your business to the IEC 62443 Cyber Security Industry Standard.

Enhanced User Interface

Version 5.0 will allow you to have an enhanced user experience with the new user interface. In addition to its new layout, it also comes with fresh icons and an enhanced navigation tree allowing an easier navigation experience. You will also have flexibility in what your new homepage will show whether that be a summary of all the software that you have signed out; any Change Requests and Fault logs you have raised or that have been assigned to you; documents that you have signed out; Forces you have approved that are active plus many more.

AG working screenshot

Improved Search Function

You will now be able to modify the default search so that you can search for anything containing all the words typed. Think of when you are searching for something on Google! It remembers everything you have typed previously.

Improved search function

 Improved AG Reporting Functions

 Asset Guardian has a powerful reporting tool that has 3 levels.

  1. You can Print or Save to PDF any list that we have filtered or searched in Asset Guardian.
  2. You can produce Custom Reports. In effect, these are the next level after filter/search, and can be thought of as a saveable advanced search. These can be created and customised to suit the user’s needs. Once created, they can be scheduled – for example on a weekly basis on a Monday morning. The reports can be emailed to anyone, even those without access to Asset Guardian.
  3. Configure Advanced Reports. These take the information one might find in a custom report, but display in a more graphical format: graphs, pie charts etc.

AG Obsolescence Manager

The AG Obsolescence Manager can make the obsolescence management process effective and streamlined while keeping the highest level of integrity in line with IEC62402, the international standard for obsolescence management. The principles of this can be applied to any type of control system in a simple 5-step approach:

About Asset Guardian Solutions Limited

The AG Software Solution is an innovative solution that helps users to comply with ISO & IEC Standards, Government Directives and Industry Best Practices for their process critical Industrial Automation & Control Systems (IACS) Software Asset Management-of-Change, Configuration, Version Control and Security.

The company’s investment in market research and close collaboration with customers has transformed Asset Guardian from a “product” to an “Integrated Strategic Solution” for protecting the integrity of safety and process critical systems – helping establish a portfolio of global ‘blue chip’ clients.

AGSL works in close partnership with its clients and appreciates the need for rapid, demonstrable returns on client investments, and encourages them to follow the AG Company ethos “Take Control and Control Change.”

If you would like more information, please fill out the contact form below and a member of our team will be in contact.

Written by Iain Rennie. As AGSL’s Product Development Manager, Iain Rennie is responsible for leading the company’s product development and technology strategy. Before joining AGSL in 2008, Iain was employed for 14 years as a process control and automation specialist for Elite Control Systems Limited, where he worked on projects in Europe, China, the USA and Azerbaijan. He is the company’s Quality Manager, and heads the Asset Guardian software solution development team. Iain holds a Bachelor of Science - Honours degree in Mathematical Physics from the University of Edinburgh, and a Master’s degree in Control Systems Technology from Edinburgh’s Napier University in Edinburgh, where he graduated with distinction. A Chartered Engineer, he is a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).