Dolphin Drilling AS awards contract to Asset Guardian Solutions Ltd

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Protecting and managing process critical software

AGSL will provide Dolphin Drilling AS with Asset Guardian, a fully configurable process software management tool designed to meet the needs of Rig Control and Automation Systems. By using Asset Guardian, Dolphin Drilling AS will centralise its software and data storage into a single repository, which will enhance workflow management, minimise risk and speed recovery of software and data in the event of software failure, reducing any impact on drilling operations

Asset Guardian software will be installed on Dolphin Drilling’s entire fleet, which consists of nine mobile drilling units. It will provide a more effective method of managing the data associated with each programmable system, and a safer, more secure means of storing critical software.

Improving communications with worldwide fleet

Dolphin Drilling’s drilling vessels and semi-submersible rigs work all over the world. They operate in remote waters where access to the Internet is limited. To improve communications between these remote locations and its onshore facilities, AGSL will also provide AGSync, a solution designed for the oil and gas industry that makes it possible for data and files to be seamlessly synchronised between remote locations and the company’s leader server, which is located at the company’s headquarters in Tananger, Norway.

The contract from Dolphin Drilling AS is the most recent in a string of awards from oil and gas operators and suppliers to AGSL. These awards include GDF Suez, which will use Asset Guardian to manage all of its process control-related software assets associated with the Cygnus Project, the largest undeveloped gas discovery in the Southern North Sea in 25 years. BP, which uses Asset Guardian on many of its global production facilities, selected Asset Guardian for the company’s iconic Clair Ridge and Quad 204 projects. Operators Woodside and INPEX also use Asset Guardian for their projects and developments in Australia.

“We are very excited to be working with Dolphin Drilling AS, not only because it represents our first contract in Norway, but because it is the second major contract we have been awarded by a drilling company,” said Peter Beales, Business Development Manager for AGSL.

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