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As AGSL searched for the best way to , the company quickly realised that use of eLearning was skyrocketing around the world. And for good reason. Since the economic downturn, more and more businesses are embracing online training. Here is what’s driving this global phenomenon:

Practical – Interactive learning modules can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Whether offshore Angola, at the office in London or at home in Oklahoma, as long as the internet is available, learning can commence.

Affordable & Efficient – Eliminating expenses associated with classroom training – including travel, accommodation, trainer fees and materials – substantially reduces costs associated with providing effective training. When coupled with the flexibility this online training provides, it’s easy to see why it is replacing the traditional classroom-based method.

Effective and Motivational – Retention rates of those who learn online are consistently higher than those trained by traditional means. This can be attributed to the interactive nature of the process. Continual questioning and feedback are central to maximising retention rates. The process rewards knowledge retention, which inspires learners to progress. As a result, they are highly motivated, especially when what they are learning will be put into immediate practice on the job, helping them to progress professionally.

Standardised – A key benefit of online training is that the information is uniform and easily accessed by the trainee. This is essential, especially when it involves learning complex procedures or technical training. Not only is the same information is delivered in exactly the same way, learners can “rewind” and study sections until retention levels reach 80-100%.

Adaptable – Online training isn’t just for managers at headquarters. Learning and practical experience can be enhanced, and even replaced. With the arrival of interactive online simulators, effective hands-on training is a reality.

Written by Asset Guardian Solutions Ltd.

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