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Cloud Storage is a method by which data is stored over one or more servers and locations.

The Online Training Revolution Continues

Every national and multinational business – large and small – is familiar with the issues associated with training its workforce. Travel costs and disruption to business can seem daunting. To address this, Asset Guardian Solutions Ltd (AGSL) looks to technology to solve the logistical challenge of training a global workforce.

AGSL Unveils First Online Training Courses for Customers

Following an extensive period of development with online eLearning specialist Oilennium Ltd, AGSL has launched its first online training courses for customers. The two courses offer comprehensive training for Asset Guardian users of both System Administrator and User. Engaging and easy to use, the new courses allow training to take place anywhere at any time, as long as there is access to an internet-connected PC.

The Asset Guardian User training programme consists of 18 modules that feature colourful animations, interactive knowledge checks and audio guidance via voiceover. Upon completion of the programme, the learner will be thoroughly trained and ready to put their new knowledge to work.

In addition to providing customers with a uniform, easy-to-use training tool, the modules can be accessed at any time so users can progress at their own pace. Users can also log on to refresh themselves about individual topics if, for example, they haven’t had a reason to use a particular function of Asset Guardian for some time.

Customised online training available to customers

The adaptability of online training makes it possible to customise courses to suit the exact needs of the customer.

“For us, it’s all about making certain that our customers realise optimal results and get the best Return on Investment from Asset Guardian”, said Peter Beales Business Development Manager for AGSL. “A way we can help them achieve this is to train their people effectively, to the highest level of competence and at the lowest cost. The AGSL training modules offer the perfect solution. Not only do they draw upon the technical expertise of Asset Guardian specialists to provide content that is accurate and straightforward, the modules are highly interactive so the user is immediately engaged and absorbs the information rapidly, saving time and money,” he added.

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