Hidden Software Assets: Disaster Recovery

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AG Software can help eliminate the risk of personnel operating with different or incorrect versions of specifications and software.

In my previous post, I discussed the importance of Software Security relating to Automation, Control, Monitoring & Safety Software within Manufacturing, Process, Energy, Utilities and Transportation Industry

Today, I will discuss the 2nd topic of my Blog Series: Hidden Software Assets: Disaster Recovery.

When it comes to Assets such as Process Plants, Manufacturing Facilities, Production lines, Transportation Systems, Power Generation and Utilities, most stakeholders understand the cost of unplanned shutdown, however very few acknowledge the importance that their control, automation and monitoring software carries, to ensure the effective running of a company’s facility.

If an unforeseen outage or failure occurs with a process control or monitoring system, costly delays can occur as a result and this is normally due to a company not having effective and robust backup solutions in place for quickly dealing with this challenge.

This then leads to questions that should always be considered such as where are the back-up devices? Are the correct software versions installed? Is it current or obsolete? Corrupt or clean? Missing or lost? Software is an essential part to the smooth running of continuous, batch production or facilities assets yet when failure to software occurs, so does the asset – this risk is rarely identified.

Asset Guardian’s Solution:  AG Software can help eliminate the risk of personnel operating with different or incorrect versions of specifications and software. Providing a single-point-of-reference to both the most current and all archived information around a software or hardware asset. AG solutions ensure that the following elements are stored and managed in a controlled way:

  • Program Source-code (any format)
  • System Documentation & Drawings (any format)
  • Fault Reports
  • Design Changes
  • Email Communications. 

AG Software enables you to securely protect your software assets, whilst at the same time ensuring the right version of software can be accessed quickly to allow your plant or production line to return to its pre-failure operational state.

In the next part of my ‘Hidden Software Assets’ Blog Series, I will be discussing Change Management, and the importance of protecting these Software Assets. If you would like more information on Asset Guardian Software, please contact

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Written by Mark Steel. Mark Steel is a Business Development Manager for Asset Guardian Solutions Limited and cultivates relationships with existing and prospective clients in the UK, and is fully committed to increasing the profile of AGSL’s complete portfolio of capabilities, software products/solutions, and professional consulting services. Mark holds an MSc Degree in Manufacturing, Management & Technology from the Open University. He is an active member of Manufacturing UK, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Enterprise Software Sales Professionals, and Manufacturing Executives in the UK.