Hidden Software Assets: Obsolescence Management

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In my previous blog, I discussed the importance of Compliance Management in the Automation, Control, Process, Energy, Utilities and Transportation Industries. Today, in my final blog, I will discuss “Hidden Software Assets: Obsolescence Management“.

It is well known that managing Obsolescence effectively has become a significant problem in industries today as the ageing of assets prevents the maintenance of your systems. This can be time consuming and costly to your company which is why it essential to carry out a thorough risk assessment of your Bill of Materials so that you can manage your Obsolescence effectively.

With all assets (Software & Hardware) being subject to the Product Lifecycle, it is becoming increasingly important to effectively manage, collect and analyse data that will assist your Company in determining whether an asset needs replaced or retained, and used to extend the life of another part of the process.

What is effective Obsolescence Management?

Effective Obsolescence Management allows your Company to pro-actively manage any ageing Hardware & Software equipment and reduce downtime through unexpected Obsolescence issues. This will ultimately expand the life of a company’s assets resulting in reduced capital expenditure and reduced business risk.

Leading Obsolescence Management Solutions such as Asset Guardian’s “AG Obsolescence Software”, allows you to effectively:

  • Store data for hardware and software in a central location, making it easy to quickly search and sort information.
  • Analyse data to determine when an item must be replaced.
  • Monitor the expiration dates of equipment and software manufacturer service contracts.
  • Provide a seamless interface with third-party data modelling software tools that predict failure rates, and produce a graphic representation of these rates
  • Generate customised reports and graphs.
  • Ensure that the correct version of software is in use, enhancing functional safety, security and production
  • Interface with other Company Management Information Systems, such as Enterprise Management Software Systems (ERP/ CMMS/ MES/ MOM/ Historian ) to maximise a company’s return on investments and make it easy to share data and knowledge across the organisation
  • AGSL offers its customers support in the compilation and verification of the data held in their Asset Registers and advice regarding the requirements of industry standards, regulations and guidelines relating to the management of ageing process control systems

Summary of “AG Software” Capability

If you are looking for an effective Asset Management and/or a specific Obsolescence Management Solution, AG Software is a proven modular option.

From design to long-term operation and maintenance, AG Software delivers a set of integrated tools that eliminate communication bottlenecks, flawed software installations and incorrect design modifications. Asset Guardian provides an effective means of managing all software, documentation, changes, faults and design issues from conception through to operation. As the demands of your business increase, AG Software can scale up to meet your growing requirements.

Within an operation that is constantly changing, AG Software can keep your design and operation personnel synchronised with the status of your assets. With features such as email, automatic notification, change logging and a secure approval and authorisation process, AG Software will eliminate the risk of personnel operating with different or incorrect versions of specifications and software.

Tracking information that is critical to the operation and effectiveness of your business is facilitated through a number of key features within AG Software. Your design and support personnel can easily enter data through a number of easy to use standard forms. Data can be quickly retrieved through flexible search and report functions. Personnel raising change requests can be automatically notified of the requests conclusion. An ever evolving knowledge base eliminates the need for data to be entered time and time again.

Summary of “AG Services” Capability:

  • Audit current procedures/ processes – deliver comprehensive Report & “Gap Analysis”
  • Discovery workshop – hosted to understand customer’s needs & development of URS
  • Functional Design & Implementation – Supply, installation, system set up and configuration
  • Migration – of files and data from existing systems to AG Software System
  • Remote Server hosting – of your AG software (or SaaS)
  • Training – ‘Class to Cloud’ (Class based and Online Computer based -CBT)
  • Support – Asset Guardian support and maintenance capability
  • Verification & Validation Services – Site audits & Compliance process software backup

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Written by Mark Steel. Mark Steel is a Business Development Manager for Asset Guardian Solutions Limited and cultivates relationships with existing and prospective clients in the UK, and is fully committed to increasing the profile of AGSL’s complete portfolio of capabilities, software products/solutions, and professional consulting services. Mark holds an MSc Degree in Manufacturing, Management & Technology from the Open University. He is an active member of Manufacturing UK, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Enterprise Software Sales Professionals, and Manufacturing Executives in the UK.