Mud Buds successfully complete the Edinburgh Tough Mudder 5k in aid of SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health)

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That was Easy!

Asset Guardian Solutions Limited is pleased to announce the Mud Buds (a team of 11 employees from both AGSL and Elite Control Systems Limited) have successfully completed the Edinburgh Tough Mudder 5k, whilst raising a generous amount for a fantastic cause – SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health).

The event took place at Holyrood Park on Saturday 25th August, and required the team to tackle 10 obstacles over 5 kilometres, some of which included a Pyramid Scheme, Giant A-Hole, Everest and Bale Bonds, encouraging participants to work in teams to help overcome the obstacles.

Overall, it was a successful day out for everyone, and the generous donations received has resulted in the team raising over £1500 for the charity.

About SAMH

SAMH is a Scottish based charity that was founded in 1923 and operates 60 services in communities throughout Scotland, providing various mental health support services including Employment, Mental Health Outreach, Suicide Prevention and Active Living.

1 in 20 is thinking about Suicide

Mental Health problems can affect the way you think, feel and behave and can feel just as bad or worse than any other illness- only you cannot see it. One of the major challenges today, is the rising suicide rate amongst young males, not only in Scotland but in the UK as a whole. In Scotland, 262,740 people may be thinking about it, and the gender gap is widening.

Despite the challenges faced, it is possible to recover from mental health problems and live a productive and fulfilling life. The team hope to raise as much money as possible so the charity can put the money to use right away and help those in need!

Fundraising efforts to continue with ECS VS AGSL Charity Bake Off

The fundraising efforts will continue for another week, with employees from both companies competing against each other in a Charity Bake Off. Keep an eye out for photos of all the extravagant bakes and results!

It is not too late to support the team. If you would like to donate, click here. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Photos from the day

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