Nexen Petroleum UK Ltd chooses AGSL for Golden Eagle Project

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Protect and improve management of process control software

As a result of this contract award, AGSL is providing Nexen Petroleum with Asset Guardian, a software management tool that helps to secure the integrity and improve management of the process control software used to operate Nexen’s Golden Eagle offshore development in the UK North Sea.

Asset Guardian software offers a multifaceted, single point solution to manage all requirements associated with process control software systems that is used to operate key oil and gas assets. Amongst its wide range of capabilities, Asset Guardian provides configuration change management, software version control, disaster recovery and a secure repository for storing software files and data.

Implementing Asset Guardian will assist Nexen Petroleum to continue to meet its obligation to comply with relevant regulatory standards, guideline and codes of practices, such as IEC61508, 61511, ISO 9001, CPNI and HSE KP4, among others.

Using Asset Guardian to centralise the management of process control software ensures that authorised personnel, onshore and offshore, have access to the same information. This helps to improve workflow and cut the time it takes to locate files and data, greatly reducing the negative – and costly – impact of unplanned shutdowns caused by software failure.

GE PlatformAs part of the project, AGSL is also providing AGSync software, which allows data and files to be seamlessly synchronised between multiple onshore and offshore locations.

“We are extremely pleased to have been awarded this contract for such a prestigious North Sea development. Installation of Asset Guardian and AG Sync is well underway,” said Sam Mackay, Managing Director of AGSL. “The Asset Guardian solution enhances the management of the process control software used to operate this key development.”

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