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OT Cyber Security Management- Asset Guardian


Choose Asset Guardian to act as your OT Cyber Security Management System?

OT Cyber Security Management  doesn’t need to be a costly, isolated exercise. It is an opportunity to make improvements across all aspects of your Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) management.

Using an Asset Guardian Cyber Security Management System will allow you to leverage the benefits around key areas. You can achieve compliance, manage change, manage obsolescence, ensure disaster recovery solutions are in place, and achieve cybersecurity. 

Why choose Asset Guardian:

Opportunity for OT leaders to protect their entire IACS assets.

Suitable across a range of industries including Oil & Gas, Chemical Processing, Power Generation, Renewable Energy, Pharmaceuticals, and Food & Beverage.

Deliver risk reduction and measurably improve operations.

Comply with national and international global standards such as IEC 62443, NIST Cyber Security Framework, NIS Directive, OG86 and CIC CSC.

Aid in Disaster Recovery, user management, auditing to counter Cyber Security threats.

Works with front line network monitoring tools such as Claroty and Radiflow.

Providing Cyber Security Solutions to Leading Operators around the World

AGSL has been serving the needs of leading operators around the world. Currently, AGSL provides OT Cyber Security solutions in the Oil & Gas, Utilities, Power Generation, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Transportation and Food & Beverage industries.

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