Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band Rise to the Challenge

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Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band, 16-time winners of the RSPBA World Pipe Band Championships, put on a top class performance at their pre-worlds concert RISE,  which took place at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow yesterday evening.

The band, who are sponsored by Asset Guardian Solutions Limited, is led by Pipe major Ryan Canning and Drum Major Andrew Lawson and is now going into its 106th year.  The band has celebrated over 100 RSPBA Major Championships and is undoubtedly one of the most successful and celebrated bands in history.

The audience were treated to over two hours’ worth of sets which consisted of both traditional and newly composed tunes played by the band, such as Marches, Strathspey, Reels and Jigs.

The band were also accompanied by guest musicians specialising in acoustic and electric guitar, fiddle, percussion, keyboard, double bass and flute which added to the timbre of the performance.


Pipers of Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band

The band introduced the show with three sets, which included the RISE Medley, consisting of both traditional and freshly composed tunes written by the band’s Pipe Major Ryan Canning. Some of the tunes included ‘ The Haribo Kid, Jim Bruce’s Rake, Stirling Castle and Rise all of which come with a great story!

The audience were then treated to two impeccable solo performances by the band’s pipers Sarah Muir, who recently won the Strachan Memorial – A Grade MSR in 2016, and Pipe Sergeant Steven Leask, who is the winner of the Strachan Memorial –A Grade MSR and overall A Grade in London in 2015.

Following on from the Pipe solo performances, the band went onto playing an MSR which consisted of a March: the traditional ‘Highland Wedding’, a Strathspey: Susan MacLeod and a Reel: John Morrison of Assynt House, all of which will be well known by many.

A Tribute

After the interval, the band treated the audience to an ‘old school set’ which featured a special performance from the legendary Bill Livingstone.

William John Roderick (Bill) was one of the first serious North American solo competitors to join the competitive circuit in Scotland, and is the only person in Pipe Band History to have led a Grade One Band to a World Championship and to have won a Clasp for Piobaireachd at the Northern Meeting in Inverness, Scotland in 1981 and 1984. He has produced several solo recordings and is in very high demand as a teacher and adjudicator.

A tribute then followed, dedicated to Eilidh MacLeod, from Barra, who was a victim in the Manchester Attack earlier this year. Eilidh was a very talented up and coming piper who played for Sgoil Lionacleit Pipe Band. The band performed the ‘Fair maid of Barra’, composed by John Campbell of Barra, and arranged by Scott Wallace & Scott Hannah which was felt by everyone including Eilidh’s parents who were spectating at the concert.

Piping taken to another level

Prior to the concert coming to a close, the audience were able to experience just how talented and skilled the members of the band are with four solo performances from the band’s pipers Iain Crawford, Scott Barrie, Danny Hutcheson and Ciaren Ross who all performed chosen tunes each especially arranged by the pipers themselves, which was an abundant display of their piping abilities.

Drum Fanfare

Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band Drum Corps

A fanfare by both the band’s snare and tenor drummers then ensued which captivated the audience combining perfect playing, drumstick tossing and visual effects, displaying the extent of the talent by the band’s drum corps. A faultless performance.


Pipe Major Ryan Canning

After a spectacular drum fanfare, the concert drew to a close with three sets: the first being the Seumas J Lawson Medley consisting of tunes such as the Kesh Jig, The Angel’s Share and The Strathspey King and recently composed tunes , Seumas j Lawson and Villa 33 composed by the band’s Pipe Major Ryan Canning.

The penultimate set consisted of Traditional Jigs such as the well known Tulloch Castle, The Kitchen maid and the Braes of Mellinish.

The concert came to its finale with the classic ‘Hector the Hero’ composed by J. Scott Skinner being played by both the band and the accompanying musicians. There was no better way to finish off what was a spectacular performance by the band.

About Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band

Shotts are one of the most successful and celebrated pipe bands in history.  They are 16th time winners of the RSPBA World Pipe Band Championships and has won 100 RSPBA Major Championships and 17 Champion of Champion titles.

The band is led by Pipe Major Ryan Canning and Drum Major Andrew Lawson and being led by both, keeps the band in a very strong position as it has been for a decade.

More information on the band can be found at

The World Pipe Band Championships – 11-12th August 2017

The event is the biggest of its kind and attracts thousands of pipers and drummers who will travel from all over the world to compete in the 2-day event.

Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band will be competing this weekend at the World Pipe Band Championships taking place in Glasgow Green so if you don’t want to miss the chance to listen to the band, tickets can be purchased on the day.

More information can found at

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