Successful Completion of Multiple Projects for North Sea Oil and Gas Operator

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Asset Guardian Solutions Ltd (AGSL), which specialises in protecting companies’ process critical software assets, announced that it has successfully completed a series of three projects for a major North Sea oil and gas operator that manages and operates numerous developments in the North Sea, Norway, Algeria and Russia.

During the past two years, AGSL has completed three linked contracts, two of which required that the Asset Guardian toolset be customised to meet the customer’s specific requirements.

The initial contract awarded to AGSL provided the operator with a secure electronic, centralised repository to store all process control systems software back-up files. As a result, the company’s ability to recover quickly in the event of an unplanned production shutdown due to process control software failure has been significantly improved. In addition, the Asset Guardian toolset included software version control and the ability to manage all software configuration changes.

To ensure that all of its personnel, whether working onshore or offshore, have access to the same information, AGSL also supplied its AGSync software module. By using a leader/follower server topology, AGSync synchronises data and files between multiple locations, while simultaneously safeguarding the integrity of files and data. This is particularly important should communication links between locations be disrupted.

The successful deployment of the Asset Guardian toolset to manage the operator’s process control systems software encouraged the company to use Asset Guardian to provide a corporate, multidisciplinary management of change system (MOC) solution. Following successful completion of the work scope by AGSL, the solution has been implemented and released across all company assets.

New Subsea Data Management System

Recognising the ease with which Asset Guardian can be customised, the operator requested that AGSL develop a further solution to manage the data relating to the company’s subsea production infrastructure.

By using the same Asset Guardian core software and some of the functionality of the two previous projects, AGSL developed a subsea asset management solution that makes it possible for the customer to use and share common data across different business units and disciplines. This integrated approach has benefited the company by providing improved reporting, workflow data management, and enhanced efficiencies, resulting in a capex cost reduction.

Master Service Agreement

As a result of the positive collaboration between the two companies during the past two years, the operator and AGSL have signed a Master Services Agreement, which recognises AGSL as a preferred supplier of application-based software solutions. The two companies are currently exploring ways to expand the capabilities of the Asset Guardian toolset.

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