Asset Guardian Solutions Limited and Employment Agencies

Asset Guardian Solutions Limited work with selected agencies on a vacancy by vacancy basis. If you are an employment agency, please do not approach AGSL with prospective candidates. If you would like to be considered as a preferred recruitment agency, please send an introductory letter or email to the Office Manager or Product Manager at the head office address shown in our contact details. Please include your contact details and your engagement terms and conditions. On completion of review, you will be contacted by AGSL to progress your engagement. To avoid any conflicts with engagements, please do not forward any identified candidate details to anyone within Asset Guardian Solutions Limited unless you are engaged to do so. Any identified candidates who are introduced to Asset Guardian Solutions Limited outwith these instructions will not be linked with the supplying agency and as such will be considered if subsequently supplied by other engaged agencies or directly by AGSL.

If you wish, unidentified candidates can be supplied for consideration to aid your agency’s engagement.

Please note that unless agreed otherwise in writing, each vacancy will be treated individually and once this vacancy is removed either through fulfillment or cancellation all agreed terms and conditions will be cancelled and deemed void.

Any engagement invoices must include an Asset Guardian Solutions Limited purchase order number to be considered.